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By Yvonne Sova

Have you wondered where that soft breeze caressing your cheek came from - where it went - why it came? You feel the wind, hear the whisper or the roar as it moves through trees and around buildings. You see the effects of it but can't see the wind itself. Wind power has been harnessed to produce the energy needed to run electric motors. Yet we stand helpless, in awe of the devastation caused by the fierce winds of a tornado or hurricane. We can't see wind but we believe it exists.

There is also an energy field around us that we can't see. We may be unaware of it and may not believe it exists.

Push a button on your cell phone, i-pod, portable radio, energy turns it on. We use it without thinking about it.

You have felt the spark of this energy after sliding across carpet and touching a metal surface. Now you believe! The same energy that is outside us is also inside us. Same principle, we can't see it but we can feel it's effects. This energy can be used in healing.

How do you find relief from pain, sickness and stress? A shot, a pill, or a teaspoon of liquid every 4 hours? Modern medicine came a long way through research and development to help prevent and cure major diseases and minor ailments. The ways of the native medicine man, the mid-wife, the use of healing plants found in nature were pushed away in favor of modern technology. Expensive drugs and chemicals were the answer.

We are now coming full circle. Medical doctors are now embracing holistic, natural methods of treatment because of the positive results their patients are experiencing. People are taking responsibility for learning how their body functions and how to avoid illness by changing their lifestyle.
One of the most important lessons a person can learn is that every thought they have has a corresponding physical reaction in their body.

Guard your thoughts - Protect your body.

People tend to reject what they don't understand and some methods may seem too strange to try. They experience stress but don't realize how it affects their body and causes physical illnesses. Stress causes lactic acid to settle in the delicate bursa sacs, restricting lubrication of the joints, causing pain and limiting movement. The 9 sets of bursa located in the body are where the condition of bursitis is evident. People limit any movement because of pain, thereby cutting off blood supply in ever expanding areas. It may extend from the shoulder all the way down to the rotor cuff. The traditional medical treatment is chemical - pain relievers, muscle relaxers and ultimately surgery.

Therapeutic massage heals by releasing tight muscles which increases blood flow and allows the healing to occur naturally. The body has the capability to heal its self, you do not have to tell it what to do. Immediately when an injury occurs every nerve in your body is alerted and the functions needed for healing are directed to the wound. If the energy is severe additional treatment outside is necessary to aid in the healing. When you cut your finger it may just need a bandaid to stop the bleeding and keep it from getting dirty. Remove the bandaid in a couple of days and the wound is healed. Energy can be sent into the body to enhance the speed and effectiveness of the treatment. The energy that is all around us can be transmitted by a certified energy healer.

I was privileged to meet such a healer at a recent Isha Inner Engineering class and was impressed just by his presence. The man absolutely glowed! My thought was, 'this is someone I have to meet.'

So, I did meet Kris Pierce and found out why he glowed. He is an energy healer. His background revealed his caring character, always wanting to help others. How many 16 year olds do volunteer work as an ambulance dispatcher, do extensive studying, then pass the exams to be licensed as an EMT ? By the time he was 17 & 18 years old he was an ambulance attendant, doing CPR, saving lives. For 28 years he was a licensed nursing home administrator of 13 group homes, caring for 72 residents who had mental and physical disabilities, in the Genesee County area. His education expanded as he dealt with 160 employees, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and dietitians on a weekly basis plus overseeing a $7,000,000 budget.

Quite an in-depth education and experience of the health care industry, I would say.

It gets better.

The knowledge of natural healing opened to him as he learned holistic methods of massage, Reiki, and energy healing. Of the whole massage therapy class he was the only one to pass the test and become licensed.

It gets better.

Is there no end to the man's quest for knowledge to help people heal?

Obviously not, for here he was learning new techniques, new Yoga postures, new ways to expand his abilities.
It gets better.

It took me quite a while to realize Kris is blind. He glided easily around the room aided by friends. Kris lost his sight 17 years ago from retinis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that his mother also had. It is an example of his positive attitude that he says being blind enhances his ability to tune into his clients' conditions.

"Many people have healing ability, they don't understand it, don't utilize it, don't practice it," said Pierce. "We need balance in all areas of our life, beginning with our thinking. The mind believes-the body follows."

My mind believes Kris can heal me-my body is now going to receive his healing touch............

After slowly moving his hands over my head and down my back, slightly above the skin, Kris was able to analyze areas where the blocked energy needed to be released. Then, a gentle massaging from head to toe with comforting pressure brought relief to those areas. Jenny, another massage therapist, expertly applied essential oils and used tuning forks which vibrated the oil deep into my back to clear congestion in my lungs.

After additional massaging of my feet by Kris, the final touch... Relaxing in a chair, my feet were immersed in, and caressed by, vibrating jets of warm water which drew out additional toxins. I was in pure bliss.

However, the effectiveness of the treatment by Kris was proven the following morning. For the first time in over 15 years I woke up without a headache and a coughing spell.
It doesn't get any better than this.

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