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Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Specializing in modalities of:

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  • Lypossage
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  • Reiki
  • Energy Healing
  • Animal Healing & Wellness
  • Essential Oils
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  • Reflexology
  • Ear Candling
  • And now CranioSacral Massage!

    Focusing Energy to Heal

    Great indepth story about Kristian and energy healing by writer Yvonne Sova.

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    Clients near and far share their wonderful experiences:

    Betty Jo PDF Print

    I first met Kris over five years ago while I was attending a FLOWING HANDS energy class. He was assisting and teaching about 14 students. I have worked in GM for many years and had a chronic problem with my left knee and in both shoulders from working on the assembly line.


    Hope PDF Print

    My dad truly is the BEST massage therapist. I know this from personal experience. He has pulled pain from me just a couple of days ago. It was incredible! All it took was one call. I asked him to pull the pain away and after awhile I felt nothing at all and felt fine, and could go back to school. I have a gret dad because whenever I am hurt or in pain I can count on him to pull it from me. I also can pull pain and use energy work. When I was little my mother had a killing headache, my dad showed me how to position my fingers and where to place them. A few minutes later the headache was gone. My dad has pulled pain from me many times and has given me AMAZING massages. I am very grateful for a great massage therapist as a dad.

    ~Hope, 11 years old

    May 2013

    Laura PDF Print

    I was referred to Kris by a friend (Yvonne S.)  I have had shoulder surgery and have had a torn rotator muscle/s which causes me great pain.  After my initial visit with Kris, I was scheduled for physical therapy by my doctor for six visits.  Kris had me come in once a week and worked with me utilizing massage skills, energy work and healing oils.  He explained what he was doing, what he expected the results to be after each session and suggested different range of motion exercises to keep my shoulder joint open.  At the end of my physical therapy sessions he worked on me two more times and increased my range of motion to the best it has been since the surgery and physical therapy.  I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends who have problems to see Kris.


    January 2013

    Bethany PDF Print

    I met Kris about four and a half years ago at a senior center that he was coming to every two weeks. I signed up for a therapeutic session and after the one-hour session I felt a world of difference! He removed my aches and pains by what he referred to as 'energy work.'

    Alberta PDF Print

    I am 90+ years old and my name is Alberta. After seeing several doctors with none of them able to pinpoint a diagnosis, I went to Kris at my daughter's request to see about getting relief from the pain and numbness down both of my legs and feet. Kris used lymphatic drainage release techniques which has increased with my voiding/urination by five times a day. He contacted my doctor and discussed the possibility of my condition being peripheral neuropathy. Using said techniques on a weekly basis keeps the edema/swelling out of my legs, taking the pressure off of the nerves of my legs, giving me much relief.

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