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Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Specializing in modalities of:

  • Medical Massage
  • Lypossage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reiki
  • Energy Healing
  • Animal Healing & Wellness
  • Essential Oils
  • Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Ear Candling
  • And now CranioSacral Massage!

    Physical benefits of massage

    • Helps relieve stress and aids relaxation.
    • Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness.
    • Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy.
    • Promotes deeper and easier breathing.
    • Reduces blood pressure.
    • Helps relieve tension, related headaches and effects of eye strain
    • Enhances the health and nourishment of skin.
    • Rehabilitation after injury.

      Therapeutic massage benefits

      • Foster peace of mind.
      • Promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness.
      • Helps relieve mental stress.
      • Improves ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately.
      • Enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity.
      • Emotional benefits.
      • Fosters a feeling of well-being.
      • Reduces levels of anxiety
      • Creates body awareness.
      • Increases awareness of mind-body connection.

      Focusing Energy to Heal

      Great indepth story about Kristian and energy healing by writer Yvonne Sova.

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      Client Recommendations

      Clients near and far share their wonderful experiences:

      Betty Jo

      I first met Kris over five years ago while I was attending a FLOWING HANDS energy class. He was assisting and teaching about 14 students. I have worked in GM for many years and had a chronic problem with my left knee and in both shoulders from working on the assembly line.



      My dad truly is the BEST massage therapist. I know this from personal experience. He has pulled pain from me just a couple of days ago. It was incredible! All it took was one call. I asked him to pull the pain away and after awhile I felt nothing at all and felt fine, and could go back to school. I have a gret dad because whenever I am hurt or in pain I can count on him to pull it from me. I also can pull pain and use energy work. When I was little my mother had a killing headache, my dad showed me how to position my fingers and where to place them. A few minutes later the headache was gone. My dad has pulled pain from me many times and has given me AMAZING massages. I am very grateful for a great massage therapist as a dad.

      ~Hope, 11 years old

      May 2013


      I met Kris about four and a half years ago at a senior center that he was coming to every two weeks. I signed up for a therapeutic session and after the one-hour session I felt a world of difference! He removed my aches and pains by what he referred to as 'energy work.'


      I was referred to Kris by Trisha, a co-worker at Covenant Hospital, after she heard about my pain in my lower left leg. I live in the Flushing area. On my way home, I called Kris because I was in so much pain that I couldn't concentrate on driving and I had to pull off the road. While telling him how bad my leg hurt, Kris told me to come right to his office (also in the Flushing area) even though it was after his working hours.


      Over six years ago I was suffering from tremendous pain in my right arm and shoulder. My arm and shoulder was so bad that it was in a position as if an invisible sling was on it. As I play the piano and organ at my church, I was in very bad shape with the very limited use of my arm. I had been seeing my doctor and she wanted to schedule me for shoulder surgery. I heard good things about a new massage guy working at the chiropractors office I went to. I decided to give him a try to see what he could do.


      I had been having trouble with my right shoulder following a bicycle accident. As time went by I seemed to lose range and had trouble sleeping because of the pain I felt when it was under pressure.


      I brought my teenage daughter to see Kris at a friend's referral. Kela has cerebral palsy and generalized anxiety disorder. We were treating the anxiety with medication, but it caused her to be unfocused in school. I was looking for an alternative and knew massage had been helpful to her in the past, but after trying several therapists in our area, I was unable to find a massage therapist Kela responded well to. We have been driving to Flushing from Bay City for two years now, because I found it in Kris. Kela's anxiety was reduced almost immediately and we were quickly able to get her off the meds that were affecting her grades.


      I was having a lot of back pain this last few months, including sever muscle spasms in the middle of my back. I always had thought about seeing an Massage Therapist to see if they could help me. Well, one day earlier this year, I was at Dales Health Food store and saw a card with Kris's business on it. I took it home, threw it on the cabinet and it laid there for months until I finally picked it up because my back had gotten so bad. I made an appointment with Kris. Wow, am I glad I did!


      He has helped me so much, not just for my back, but I feel better all over, even mentally. I feel more alive is the best way to say it, I guess. He is even helping me with my feet, which have been hurting quite a bit, with a type of therapy that seems to work well.

      I am truly happy that I have found him.

      God bless you Kris! Thank you so much for helping me.

      ~Greg D.

      December 2011


      I've been coming to Kristians True Touch Massage since the last summer, when my daughter gave me a gift certificate for Father's Day.  I really enjoyed my massage and felt better when I left, so I told my wife about it and she came, too.

      I have been having a lot of trouble with my left shoulder in the muscle that goes down my back and down into my arm as well. He is helping a lot in alleviating this pain.


      I noticed, and so did everyone I know, a considerable improvement in my emotional well-being. My self-confidence is going by leaps and bounds. My physical energy is way up from what it was overall. I see a sense of wellness, both physical and emotional, that has been lacking. I am also seeing a faster recovery rate if I do have down time. I am very happy and thankful that Kris came into my life.


      March 2011


      I was referred to Kris by a friend (Yvonne S.)  I have had shoulder surgery and have had a torn rotator muscle/s which causes me great pain.  After my initial visit with Kris, I was scheduled for physical therapy by my doctor for six visits.  Kris had me come in once a week and worked with me utilizing massage skills, energy work and healing oils.  He explained what he was doing, what he expected the results to be after each session and suggested different range of motion exercises to keep my shoulder joint open.  At the end of my physical therapy sessions he worked on me two more times and increased my range of motion to the best it has been since the surgery and physical therapy.  I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends who have problems to see Kris.


      January 2013


      I am 90+ years old and my name is Alberta. After seeing several doctors with none of them able to pinpoint a diagnosis, I went to Kris at my daughter's request to see about getting relief from the pain and numbness down both of my legs and feet. Kris used lymphatic drainage release techniques which has increased with my voiding/urination by five times a day. He contacted my doctor and discussed the possibility of my condition being peripheral neuropathy. Using said techniques on a weekly basis keeps the edema/swelling out of my legs, taking the pressure off of the nerves of my legs, giving me much relief.

      Mary Jane

      I first met Kris at my chiropractors office and talked to him in the hallway asking him if he thought he could help with the pain in my shoulders. He said "I don't have any appointments for an hour, let's see." I agreed, and he said, "If you feel a difference after this twenty minutes, will you book a session with me?" I agreed again. I did feel a difference, so I booked a session and have been seeing him regularly for relief in my shoulders and hips. I make doll clothes and sell them and have bursitis in the shoulders from repetitive motion.


      I have been getting massages from Kris for over 3 years now. I have often told him that I believe I would be crippled if I were not getting a weekly massage.

      I know I would not be in as good of shape as I am without them. 


      I was told I needed rotator cuff surgery 4 years ago. I looked for alternatives and found Kristian's True Touch Massage. Since Kris has begun working with me, the pain in my shoulder has decreased enough that I haven't needed that surgery. I will keep coming. Thank you, Kris!


      January 2012


      All I can say is that it works. It's amazing how much better I feel after a massage by Kris.


      January 2012


      Thanks to an article in a recent copy of the Flint Journal, I was introduced to a blind messuer. I have benefited greatly physically and emotionally from using his service.

      I have always been an active person. When I was no longer able to be active, my stress level increased. Thus I took it took very little for me to have one big pity party.


      Kris Pierce was recommended to me by a friend. I have been getting massages for six months now. I have experienced many positive results as listed below:

      The back of my neck would ache most of the time, it was like my head was too heavy. I would rub it and occasionally see a chiropractor. Now almost 100% of the time, my neck is great.


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