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I first met Kris at my chiropractors office and talked to him in the hallway asking him if he thought he could help with the pain in my shoulders. He said "I don't have any appointments for an hour, let's see." I agreed, and he said, "If you feel a difference after this twenty minutes, will you book a session with me?" I agreed again. I did feel a difference, so I booked a session and have been seeing him regularly for relief in my shoulders and hips. I make doll clothes and sell them and have bursitis in the shoulders from repetitive motion.

Since I first saw Kris about six years ago, I have had to deal with vertigo (dizziness) when turning or sitting up quickly. Last July, Kris took a seminar training class to learn cranial sacral techniques because it relieves vertigo. He has been using these techniques on me and it does help my hips and each time reduces the amount of dizziness.

About three weeks ago, I told Kris I needed to come in and see him again because I was in a lot of pain. I had seen a chiropractor and my medical doctor, who gave me prescriptions and informed me not to see the chiropractor for awhile. By taking the prescriptions as directed, it made me goofy and I slept all the time. I told Kris I was coming in to him, because I knew he would be honest and work hard to help me.

While he was working on me, he asked alot of questions (usually I'm telling him jokes) and he said hmmm and ooohhh quite alot. He said "good news and bad news...the bad news is you have classic symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. The good news is...I can fix you, but not in one, two or three sessions." He called my chiropractor to inform him of what he found and which areas needed to be addressed. He explained it to me as simply as he could that my muscles are totally contracted and cannot relax. In easy terms, our body has a fight or flight mechanism that when engaged, just can't relax. He said, "You must feel like you can't sit down and relaxe, you must be on the go all the time, non stop." I said "That's exactly how I feel". My father died a couple of months ago and I have had to be constantly driving, taking care of his business and can't get any rest.

Kris said, "By using cranial sacral techniques, essential oils raindropping techniques, massage techniques and energy work that this too shall pass."

I said "I hope so, I'm 80 years old."

Thank you Kris for being there for me.


~Mary Jane

February 2012