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I was referred to Kris by Trisha, a co-worker at Covenant Hospital, after she heard about my pain in my lower left leg. I live in the Flushing area. On my way home, I called Kris because I was in so much pain that I couldn't concentrate on driving and I had to pull off the road. While telling him how bad my leg hurt, Kris told me to come right to his office (also in the Flushing area) even though it was after his working hours.

During that first session with Kris, he found many other places where I was in pain. Not only my leg, but my lower back, and also both shoulders. He said we would have to prioritize in what order to give relief. Using massage techniques including laying on of hands, which he calls 'energy work,' he decreased the pain in my leg by more than half. He also reduced pain in both of my shoulders significantly and relaxed my lower back enough so that the pain there was tolerable. He worked on me for almost two hours at a very fair price.

I still continue to see Kris and have been for almost one year. Now I come in about once every three to four weeks. As he tells me, "my body will tell me when I need to go and see him."

Thanks Kris for keeping me tuned up so I can participate in life!


~Deb J.

February 2012