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I first met Kris over five years ago while I was attending a FLOWING HANDS energy class. He was assisting and teaching about 14 students. I have worked in GM for many years and had a chronic problem with my left knee and in both shoulders from working on the assembly line.



During class break, I observed people lining up to have Kris work on them, so I got in line. Kris placed his hands on both sides of my left knee and said he was going to pull out the pain from the knee and did this for about five minutes. I was amazed because my left knee had no pain for the next three days. I continued to work on the assembly line doing hard manual repetitive labor and have been seeing Kris weekly. I truly believe because of seeing him each week I am able to continue working without using prescription medications and, if and when I have to miss a visit to Kris, my body definitely lets me know with the aches and pains of the job.

Through his massage techniques, FLOWING HAND energy work and the use of essential oils, I believe I will be able to continue working for the next several years as I have to. I carry his brochures and cards and hand them to people who have any aches and pains.


~Betty Jo

March 2012