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I am 90+ years old and my name is Alberta. After seeing several doctors with none of them able to pinpoint a diagnosis, I went to Kris at my daughter's request to see about getting relief from the pain and numbness down both of my legs and feet. Kris used lymphatic drainage release techniques which has increased with my voiding/urination by five times a day. He contacted my doctor and discussed the possibility of my condition being peripheral neuropathy. Using said techniques on a weekly basis keeps the edema/swelling out of my legs, taking the pressure off of the nerves of my legs, giving me much relief.

About six months ago, I had a sore spot on the inside of my left calf and pointed it out to Kris. He suspected that it was related to my kidneys and I should have my doctor check out my kidneys. I was in the process of getting a new doctor and had my kidneys checked two months ago and found one was only functioning at 35% and the other was even less than that. Now he is using FLOWING HANDS energy as well as essential oils, and I have no pain in my calf.

Thank you, Kris!


March 2012