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I met Kris about four and a half years ago at a senior center that he was coming to every two weeks. I signed up for a therapeutic session and after the one-hour session I felt a world of difference! He removed my aches and pains by what he referred to as 'energy work.'

He has given me greater range of motion with my joints. I have been seeing Kris weekly for about four years and he has tremendously helped to retard having a hip replacement. Not only does he pull pain from your body while you are on his table during a session, but he has pulled pain while I am in my home and he is in his office about twelve miles away...which is amazing!

He is good at what he does, but some days he more of a therapist of the mind, body and spirit. Our deal is that he keeps me tuned up so I can help my friends that are not quite so mobile.



March 2012